Thrive FAQ

To change this setting, go to Home > Child’s Phone Profile > Find the app under “Allowed/Blocked” apps > Select the app > Inside your individual app page, toggle the Allowed button. Tap “Save Changes” to accept the change.

On allowed apps, you can tap the box that says “Allow this app all the time” to enable your child to use the app at all times.
Click the “Home” icon on the bottom navigation bar, and click “Add Child with the green + sign next to it. Enter all details and set “Max phone time” per day to limit the total time a child can spend on the phone. Tap “Save changes.”
On the apps management page, click either the “allowed apps” or “blocked apps” section and select an app. Switch the “Allowed” radio button to “on” and select a time limit for the app. Tap “Save changes.”

On the Thrive Child phone

Step 1a Setup the phone using your child’s google account.

Step 1b Once booted into Android, try to launch Google Play Store or Youtube.

Step 1c The Thrive System will guide you to connect the phone to a Parent device.


On the Parent Device (iOS or Android)


Step 2a Download Thrive Parent App at:

Step 2b Create your child’s profile. Add basic information and continue.

Step 2c Tap the camera icon to scan the QR code on the child’s phone (Step 1c). This will connect the child’s phone to the parent app. You will now be able to manage and approve apps for your child.


The best way is to connect with the peer community at You can also live chat with us, email us or schedule a call with us using the links below:

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