Teracube's No Hassle, Four-Year Warranty

In October of 2019, Teracube launched a Kickstarter Campaign that garnered astounding support… to say that we were pleasantly surprised at the public response would be quite the understatement. We know that Teracube is a one-of-a-kind smartphone, but when almost 700 backers invested their well-earned money in Teracube to the tune of over $125,000, we were honored and humbled that others see this product the way we do.

One of our priorities at Teracube is to give our customers what many other companies haven’t: a smartphone with a no-hassle, four-year warranty. And this warranty is what makes us unique. From the beginning, it’s been our goal to provide a top-tier smartphone, with all the bells and whistles, that doesn’t send people in a tailspin when they drop it, break it, or even when the battery goes dead.

What Makes Our Warranty Unique?

We can all relate to the dread we feel when it comes to the cost of replacing our smartphones every two years. But unlike the typical smartphone that lasts about that long, Teracube is engineered to last much longer and, to prove it, is backed by the industry's first four-year warranty. But a four-year warranty doesn’t help if it’s just going to cause a lot of hassle. Indeed, time doesn’t really mean a thing if we spend those four years waiting on hold. That’s why we wanted to make sure our warranty was a common-sense solution to the frustrations that we ourselves have faced with our own phones.

A Common Sense Warranty for the Long Haul

Everybody has a smartphone these days, so it’s not a stretch to say that virtually everyone has experienced mishaps, battery issues, and general warranty frustrations. When we started the prototype for Teracube, we brainstormed ways to fix the everyday frustration that our future customers would face after they purchase our smartphone. 

We wanted to give our customers the kind of warranty that makes them say, “Whew. I’m SO glad I’ve got this coverage.” That’s why we decided that our warranty needed a few necessary traits:

  • No warranty run-around. We take care of any warranty claims in-house instead of outsourcing to someone who doesn’t have any skin in the game. 
  • Full coverage. We cover all parts, performance, labor, battery changes, and two-way shipping at no cost to our customers in the US and Canada.
  • Express replacement option. For customers who can’t wait for repairs, we’ll mail them a near-new or refurbished replacement phone. Then, they send their damaged phone back to us. 
  • Repairs for accidents. Most warranties make you jump through tons of hoops and pay an arm and a leg for repairs, but we only ask for a reasonable fee for any damage caused by an accident, liquid, or misuse, and that price includes parts, labor, and 2-way shipping.

We know how tempting it is to go with the less expensive phone with the mediocre warranty, but we urge our customers to take advantage of the warranty that comes with every Teracube at no extra charge. 

Better for Your Pocket. Better for the Planet.

Aside from our customer-satisfaction goals, Teracube’s four-year warranty also benefits the planet. The longer the Teracube stays in the hand of the consumer, the fewer the phones that need to be made, thereby lowering how many end up in a landfill. This means less consumption, less waste, and less impact on the environment. 

Given that 1.5 billion smartphones are sold worldwide each year, even a slight improvement in how long our phones last will have a large impact on our planet. Sustainability is our responsibility, and by keeping our promises over the next four years and beyond, we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves… and so are our customers.

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